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Hey guys. I'm playing Fallout 4 in Xbox One. I'm already in for over 2 full days of gameplay. The last thing I want to do is restart my game a loose everything I've built and accomplish, but little glitches like this really bothers me. So here's my 1st issue:

1. I know this is a common issue for most people. I've seen fixes for PC but not in Xbox. It's the "check your fire" glitch. Where I gotta visit paladin Danse. You have to take out all the ghouls attack them and after you do he still screams check your fire like there is still enemies around. This is keeping me from progressing further into the story.

2. The Sanctuary Mission. Where Sturges wants you to put down beds. Well, I've done that. I have more then enough beds. But under the mission screen it reads 0% of beds have been placed. And him and other settles keep bitching about not having enough beds.

Those are basically the two major issues I'm having so far. I know the 2nd one isn't that big a deal but I like to accomplish all the missions. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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