Mass Effect Andromeda APEX Mission 04 Detailed

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    While many players wait for fixes to come to Mass Effect Andromeda, many are still playing the game and seeing all it has to offer. This includes the APEX Missions, which have been added to give new content since launch.

    The most recent one is called "Those Alien Artifacts Aren't For You", and states that the desire to find artifacts is bringing more than they bargained for. Here's the mission briefing:

    “The more we salvage, the more the kett seem to come knocking,” the mission message reads.

    “The other day, we found an especially shiny haul in a cave that went on forever. Wasn’t too far in before we had to put down nine, maybe ten bots. They took a couple of us with them to robot heaven. But we dragged a fortune of tech out of there. And I’m pretty sure that was just the lobby.

    “Ever since then, the kett have put the pressure on us hard.

    “I’m starting to think we shouldn’t be messing with this stuff. Like, maybe we’ve found something important. I told the others we should stop. Keep to what we know. They won’t listen… and I’m not gonna stick around to find out what the kett want with this tech… or with us.

    “My gang’s last known coordinates are attached. The Remnant stuff they’re sitting on needs to be in Initiative hands, not ours. By the time your team touches down, I’ll be long gone.”

    Stay tuned for more news on Mass Effect Andromeda DLC
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