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    About the guild :

    Our guild will be newly created at the start of Guild Wars 2 with a whole new leading management .
    We have a goal in mind about the leading management and we will do everything to achieve it .
    As a team we will work within the guild and on the guild website .
    If you wanna be a part of our team don't hesitate by filling in an application form .

    To be a successful officer in our guild:

    requires dedication not only to the game but also to it's members.
    with dedication we do not mean you have to be a hardcore player.
    we are looking for members that show progress in certain areas of the game
    may it be dungeons, pvp, leveling, answering questions to other members.
    if you believe you have what it takes to be an officer we welcome your application.

    Virtues required to be an officer:

    Patience, easy going attitude, willingness to help others, comfortable using ventrilo.
    it goes without saying a mature behaviour is expected at all times from all officers.

    Application Form:

    Please copy the text below , answer the following questions
    and send your application to: applications@hotmail.be with the subject "Application".

    * Ingame name:

    * Tell us about yourself?

    * How old are you?

    * Do you have any leading experience?

    * Do you have problems with using Ventrilo as an officer?

    * What is your goal within a guild?

    * If you can think of an idea for the guild , wich one will it be and why?

    * What do you bring to the table for us to consider you as an officer?

    - Your application is treated by us as confidential information and as such will only be handled by our Guild Leadership.
    You will be contacted via mail, by one of the leaders to inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

    * Please allow 1 week to pass before enquiring about your application status.
    Most of the time we will respond well before this deadline but consider this our SLA.
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    Goodluck ;)
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