Link LF Serious Team !!!! COMPETITIVE ACTIVE!!!

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    Name : Link
    Age : 18
    Timezone: GMT+2(EU)

    About me : Hi my name is Link, I have been involved in competitive E-sports for about 5 years now. My Esports career starts off with Guildwars where I played actively at a top 100 level. I saw GW had no future in E-sports and decided to move onto CoD which i have played actively for about 3 years at a top 100 level. I have LAN wins including CIC7, Antwerp, Dreamhack etc. I have a very good understanding of e-sports and I am currently living in a gaming house.

    What your team should offer : The want to be top 10 in the world : We should be played 5/6 hours a day just after release and then maybe 3/4 as we game gets a bit older.

    The players need some experience in MMORPG/Esports so they can play under pressure etc.

    Professionalism : We should be conducting our selves well at all times, very clear and accurate on vent/ts , set practice schedule and dedicated towards streaming and improving esports by being good :S and helping others ;D.

    Contact me with more questions : kylemaschek(at)live(dot)com
    skype :kyle_maschek

    Thanks :D
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