HD remakes of Lunar & Lunar 2?


Revillution.net C.E.O.
Would anyone else like to see HD remakes of these games? in a similar fashion as to how Square re-made Final Fantasy 3 and 4?
Hmm, it might, it would depend a lot on marketing. It might be risky since its not the most popular RPG to ever come out. I think doing a Lunar 3 would be better.
I don't think a lunar 3 would do better then a remake although. I think if they did a kickstarter or something along those lines and made a PC remake of lunar that would be one thing but I don't know if they could make a modern remake of lunar without some support.
A remake of both games would be amazing but I do not see it happening in the future. It has been almost 10 years since the release of Dragon Song and there are not chances even for a new Lunar game.
I never played a Lunar game sadly, but I did look it up on YT and it seems like a cool game I think I will defiantly give the game a try on an emulator and see how it is for myself.
Some games aren't worth making an HD remake for. The Lunar games fall in that category. Not because they aren't good games, because the Lunar games are among the tops in jrpg no question.

But do you remember how small the sprites were in that game? That's why it's not worth making in HD. You'd hardly notice the HD part of it.

Now if we're talking a full blown remake or maybe a Lunar 3, now you're talking
I dont think it is a good idea to be honest. I think it would ruin the game to me because the PSX version is one of the best RPG EVER. I mean, great characters, great soundtrack, and great storyline, what else can you ask for.

Lunar for PSP was pretty bad and it kinda ruined the great game for me.
I don't think it's a good idea. It's already a pretty high quality game for it's time artwise. Making these games more HD sounds like a mission unnecessarily undertaken for the gaming market if it were to happen. No, I think the game is much better suited to being marketed as how it already looks and is as a game.
This might be a pretty poor idea. Don't get me wrong, I loved this series however with the turnbased games going out of style the company might be forced to make it more action-style costing more money for a game that might not even sell much. I would absolutely love to this game done over and done properly.
Lunar and Lunar 2 are interesting. I can't quite recall what they remind me of. Perhaps they are similar to Sailor Moon and those cartoons?