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Discussion in 'Pokémon' started by Valentino, May 15, 2015.

  1. Valentino

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    Across the Pokemon games we are able to explore and visit so many different regions, each with their own unique features and places. Which Regions did you like the best and why?
  2. Fiery

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    My favorite Pokemon region is Hoenn. I love the region and all of it's Pokemon! I enjoyed all of the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games, and the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. I loved the new design of the Pokemon, and enjoyed the interesting and different story Hoenn had, compared to Johto and Kanto. I also like the lore around Hoenn, and how diverse it is. The concept of Hoenn being half land, and half sea was also great. The Pokemon Anime has also influenced my opinion. My favorite part of the anime was when the main characters went to Hoenn. The villains in Hoenn, Team Magma and Team Aqua, have interesting goals in this region and is much more creative and worth following than Team Rocket in other regions.
  3. Aelfwin1996

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    I must say that I like the originals more Johto and Kanto. I liked the loop in Johto, made travelling easier. Kanto a little like Hoenn was a little too spread out when it comes to sea. On the other hand, on land, it was very enjoyable.
    I felt like Hoenn was a little too spread out/islandish. I like not having to travel by sea too much since I can't get to any buildings without crossing the entire area to get to the next one. And most water pokemons don't vary much despite the zone you're crossing whereas in land, every few routes you can. Later than those I didn't play much but I didn't like the maps either, started looking like the buildings were modernized, not like the ones in the cartoons. (as if they were trying to imitate reality).
  4. fatguy39

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    I've "traveled" in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Kalos, and Hoenn (remake). I must say my favorite would be Kalos. I like how it is designed, with Lumiose in the middle signifying that it's the "main" city in the whole region. There's less water areas as well, because I think too much water is quite lazy (not a hit on Hoenn okay; they did provide some underwater "goodies"). Regarding Pokemon content, Kalos has the majority of my favorites (local Dex only, since it becomes insubstantial at international Dex).

    I can't say much for the ones in the DS, since I haven't played them yet, but right now, I think Kalos has the most chock-full of content of a Pokemon region. It has also a pretty nice history, of which I hope they make a more mature game about.
  5. niightwind

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    Are we talking in terms of how much I lived the region alone or how much I liked the game that the region was a part of? I'm gonna assume you mean the region itself though! :) In which case - I feel like I'm in the minority because so many people choose the originals without giving the new ones any thought, but definitely Kalos. It is so beautiful, wonderfully designed and it felt like something that could be a real place in our world. A lot of the regions have a sort of strategically placed towns sort of feel that makes it seem unrealistic, but Kalos wasn't like that, I really admire how much work and thought was clearly put into the placement of everything. Plus that's where Vaniville Town is, and I want to live in Vaniville so badly if I am ever to be randomly teleported into an RPG universe, lol.
  6. GlacialDoom

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    I think that Sinnoh is the most unique region around. It had a fantastic feel to it: it felt massive and diverse, with a lot of variety between the small villages and the huge cities.
  7. ChilledFlamez

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    My favorite region in Pokemon was the Unova region. It was the first region that really popped out and presented itself to me. It was also very familiar to me (because I live in New York). My second favorite region in the Orre region, if it really counts as a true region.
  8. SereneAngel88

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    I liked Unova for pretty much the same reason, but I also liked Kalos for two reasons. One was because I could finally have my character buy clothes and not run around with the same outfit for weeks. Second was because I found my second favorite pokemon in the game: Klefki. Granted, I thought the design was lazy as hell ( seriously, car keys as a pokemon?) but the moment came when I battled my brother and managed to take out more than half of his entire team with it. Now, I just randomly throw my keys at his head and tease him about it since he's a sore loser and thought the pokemon was trash when the game came out:D
  9. niiro17

    niiro17 Well-Known Member Regular

    Of all the games I played I really love the Kanto region. But I also love Johto too but Kanto is my favorite. Spend almost of my time there while playing Pokemon.
  10. thecorinthian

    thecorinthian Well-Known Member Regular

    I really like Kanto. The map is really diverse with the sea, caves and the loads of characters you can interact with. Johto ain't so bad too and Hoenn has the greatest variety when it comes to Pokemons.
  11. grinder

    grinder Well-Known Member

    I'd say Kanto is the one I prefer most. The main reason is the fact that it's the only one avaiable when I started and it's also the one I really know in details.
  12. West

    West Well-Known Member Regular

    I really fell in love with Hoenn when the Gen III games first came out, primarily because the world felt so much more vibrant in comparison to our previous Johto and Kanto regions. I also liked how rough-and-tumble everything felt, with how often you were traveling through forests and oceans and mountains. I have to say that Sinnoh is probably the best, though. You have mountains, beaches, forests, frozen tundras...It's all very diverse.