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Discussion in 'Fallout' started by Valentino, May 14, 2015.

  1. Valentino

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    In the Fallout games there are hundreds of quests and dozens of storylines to follow and explore. Which ones are some of your favourites and why? When you play them do you always make the same choices (if given) or do you change it up during different playthroughs?
  2. troutski

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    I always make different choices. I don't have a favorite quest, though.
  3. Oblivious

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    One of my favorite side quests is 'Come Fly With Me'. in FO : NV.

    I like side quests and quests where something out of the ordinary happens. It was not just a 'fetch this', 'kill that' quest. There's usually something interesting in most quests in FO but I remember this one the most due to the naivete of the Ghouls. I mean I don't really think they went anywhere with those rockets but I had a good time helping them launch them.
  4. ellie

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    I think I loved Come Fly With Me as well. Sending zombies into space was pretty funny and unique.

    Also enjoyed the Nellis Airforce base story line. Just seemed cool that this is an actual place and they were all people who split from a nearby fallout shelter.
  5. flickerthestar

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    Wasteland Survival Guide from Fallout 3 for being so funny and engaging. The replicated man quest was also extremely interesting and I loved the storyline, they say it works as a sort of (indirect) bridge to Fallout 4 because of its mention of the Institute who are rumored to be (antagonists?) at the center of Fallout 4.
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  6. Krisibelle

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    I just absolutely love about 95% of the quests in "Old World Blues" DLC for Fallout NV. I love the stealth suit the most, I used to annoy my boyfriend because when the suit would say stuff to me like "You're my best friend" I'd reply with stuff like "Omg thanks stealthy! You're my best friend too!"

    And she tends to say a lot of the same things over and over again ;)
  7. SpartanScooter

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    I liked the side-quests the Boomers gave you in FO:NV. You got to learn about their history and they also helped you later on (if you befriended them). I really like the main quest itself of FO:NV as well, as the story is great and getting my revenge on Benny felt great.
  8. SereneAngel88

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    The Wasteland Survival Guide quest was my favorite since it game you a bunch of useful items and even abilities early in the game, even if what you had to do was stupid. Drink some irradiated water and get radiation poisoning? Your reward is a perk that lets you heal your limbs when you are mildly irradiated! Throw yourself off a ledge and break one or both of your limbs in the process? Have this nifty environment suit on us!
  9. IgCho

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    I don't remember the quest names from the previous games well enough to comment on those. But, now that the new game is out, I have to say I really dug the Nick Valentine companion quest. It might be that I just am extremely partial to the way his dialogue is written, but I really love the idea of *****SPOILERS****** finding the first ghoul. And I think the tour around the commonwealth to collect the required items gives a really nice overview of the new setting.
  10. misskrystal1982

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    I don't really have a favorite, but I have to say the ability to make different choices is what I love about these games. Sometimes I am having a bad day and just want to be a pain in the ass, so I load up the character I am evil with and go to town.
  11. SLTE

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    I have to agree with this one. I can't remember the other games well enough, but Nick's personal quest is fantastic. Finding the tapes doesn't feel like much of a slog, either, since you can come across them while hunting down other objectives with a bare minimum of extra exploration required.

    Also loved the USS Constitution quest in Fallout 4. It's utterly silly, especially if you side with the robots and help them blast their ship into the air.
  12. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski Well-Known Member Regular

    My ultimate favorite quest is also the Nick Valentine companion quest. I really enjoyed playing detective with him as well. It really was pretty awesome and I just love working alongside Nick. He is personally my favorite companion, and his backstory is pretty awesome.