Favorite RPG maker games?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by CloudyToday, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. CloudyToday

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    What are your favorite RPG maker games? I'm talking about RPG maker games like Ib, The Witch's House, Undertale, etc. For me, my favorites are Undertale, The Witch's House, and To the Moon. These games had a really good plot and likable characters. The Witch's House had great jump scares.

    EDIT; Undertale isn't RPG maker. My bad.
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  2. SLTE

    SLTE Well-Known Member Regular

    Pretty sure Undertale was made in GameMaker, not RPG Maker.

    Mine is Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. Because... honestly, that name just speaks for itself, doesn't it?
  3. d'arakh

    d'arakh Well-Known Member Regular

    You're right, Undertale is a GameMaker game.

    I loved that Shut Up and Jam game, but I had no idea it was made in the RPG maker. Crazy. Really good game as well.
  4. CloudyToday

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    Sorry guys, I thought Undertale was made with RPG maker. Thanks for the clarification. Shut Up and Jam, I haven't heard of that game. I should check it out to see if I'd like it.
  5. Kitty Reeves

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    I watched a playthrough of Too The Moon, and it's a very emotional game. It moved the let's player I was watching to tears even! I can't really think of too many RPG Maker games that I liked a lot. Was one of the Corpse Party games done with RPG Maker? If so, then add it to the list, lol.
  6. West

    West Well-Known Member Regular

    World's Dawn is one that came out very very recently. I picked it up the other day and I'm really enjoying the art style. The characters are pretty likable, too.
  7. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Well-Known Member Regular

    I'd say my favorite RPG maker would be Worlds Dawn. Either this or To The Moon. My other favorite is LISA. I think you should try that game if even once, its hilarious.
  8. Chris_A

    Chris_A Well-Known Member Regular

    Never tried any RPG Maker games, and most people really disconsider them. But I think there are a few good ones available for sure.
  9. Azrile

    Azrile Well-Known Member Regular

    World´s Dawn is the only one I tried, just because it caught my attention when reading about a different game. It was done really well. The problem is that no matter what game you make, if you do it well it is going to take a long time to make. So if you have the skill and devotion to make a good game, you are just better off using a more robust engine like Unity or Unreal.
  10. Nytegeek

    Nytegeek No namby pamby hand holding over FUD. EXTERMINATE! Regular

    To the moon was okay. That is all I really tried though. I guess I can't really give an opinion of RPG Maker games based on one game.
  11. qag

    qag Well-Known Member Regular

    Shut Up And Jam isn't a RPG Maker game either, it's game maker just like Undertale. (The very first version of Shut up and Jam was RPG Maker, but the final release and the one most people played was Game Maker.)

    That said, my favorite RPG Maker game would have to be To The Moon, a beautiful game with a moving story line.
  12. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Corpse Party was made with RPG Maker, right? If so, that one. Such a cool horror game.
  13. niiro17

    niiro17 Well-Known Member Regular

    To the Moon is the best RPG game I ever played that was made on RPG maker. I cried a lot when I finished this game. Until today, every time I remember this game, I shed a single tear.
  14. Blader70

    Blader70 Well-Known Member Regular

    I don't think I have ever played an RPG Maker that I really managed to get into enough.