Did you want a Tom Clancy game besides The Division?

Discussion in 'The Division' started by troutski, May 5, 2015.

  1. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    Two Tom Clancy games are slated for release soon: The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege. Were you hoping for Ubisoft to announce a different Tom Clancy game instead of The Division, such as a followup to one of the other series? I really wanted Rainbow Six: Patriots to not be replaced by Siege, but Siege does look incredible. I think The Division would be a far better option than creating anything other than Siege at this point.
  2. tarverten

    tarverten Well-Known Member

    They really should give Tom Clancy games a rest after Rainbow Six Siege. I understand Ubisoft bought the Tom Clancy property, but I'll be happy just so long as they don't try to make another Hawx or Endwar.
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  3. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    I also wouldn't mind a followup to Future Soldier. The first HAWX was a decent game, and EndWar should have been so much better than it was.
  4. andkno

    andkno Member

    I do think they should give it a rest for a while, I would love to have more Tom Clancy games, but maybe they should release The Division and then get as many feedback as they can before producing a new Tom Clancy game.
  5. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Ghost Recon Wildlands looks alright, I'll check it out with a couple of friends when it launches for sure since it's coop focused.
    Rainbow Six Siege looks cool too, I tried the alpha some time ago and it was fun, it has the potential to be a good competitive shooter.
    I think the Tom Clancy titles are doing fine, honestly.
  6. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Well-Known Member Regular

    Not really, I think The Division is pretty cool and after that they can take the negative and positive feedback to create an amazing sequel, but companies are narcissistic anyway.
  7. SLTE

    SLTE Well-Known Member Regular

    Poor Endwar. I bought that at Blockbuster for a dollar when the store was going out of business. I still haven't played it, either. Sad times...

    I'd honestly like to see some of Tom Clancy's other, older books get adapted for a change. Hunt for Red October would make for a really neat gaming experience... y'know, above and beyond the ancient game for, uh, the GameBoy, I think it was. (Was that the first Tom Clancy video game? I guess so.) That aside, I'm cool with more shooty-shooty games.
  8. TheMaddyMonster

    TheMaddyMonster Member Regular

    I wasn't impressed with Siege :( but The Division looks good! I'm really interested in what the storyline has to offer and how it may tie into any of the other Tom Clancy games. Honestly I'm just holding out for that and hoping it's going to be as good as its hyped to be.
  9. beccagreen

    beccagreen Well-Known Member Regular

    Well I wouldn't mind another new one, I'm pretty much tired of sequels and rehash but I wouldn't mind getting the next Sam Fisher adventure on my hands, although I have to say the last SC game is kind of a neutral experience for me.
  10. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Well-Known Member Regular

    I was a little disappointed with seige and am hoping that The Division will be everything that its cracked up to be. It would be great if Ubisoft could just hold off on additional titles for a while after its release to get plenty of feedback from the community, rather than just rushing out another title. These games should have a lifespan of years with the amount of work and committment thats been put into them, so hold up Ubisoft, make a legendary game first, and then concentrate on the next legendary game. I doubt that they'll be able to avoid the temptation of just firing out more titles though, how much did they pay for the Clancy franchise anyway, does anyone know ?
  11. Ishmael

    Ishmael Well-Known Member Regular

    Weird! I thought Blacklist was one of the best in the series when I played it. Gameplay wise, at least. It was awesome. There was a lot of freedom of choice, and the levels made it possible to do whatever you wanted to do basically. You can even go all out shooting everyone if you want.
  12. harlek

    harlek Active Member Regular

    Well if it's going to be different from the lot of games Ubisoft has been spewing out these days then yes, I would want another one. Siege, I'm not so hot for. I've played a lot of Rainbow Six before and Siege was pretty okay but it feels kind of different.

    I also wouldn't mind another spy action game. It seems like Splinter Cell is the only Tom Clancy spy action game nowadays. I want to see something new because quite frankly, I'm getting tired of seeing the same black and green over and over.
  13. beccagreen

    beccagreen Well-Known Member Regular

    Yeah it's great and I also love the gameplay but I've played SC since the first game back in 2002 (or 2003, not sure) and it's really different from the game that I loved. To be honest, I kinda hated all the SC games after Chaos Theory. I mean Double Agent was great and all but it's just too different, Conviction was okay and it has a lot of cool things in it and Blacklist was one of the best but it just doesn't feel the same for me.

    Not to mention the mystery of Sam Fisher being younger. I mean I can live with Michael Ironside leaving but making Sam Fisher younger? Why? Just so the new voice actor's voice and stature would fit in? But I digress, Blacklist is a great game.
  14. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Well-Known Member Regular

    Blacklist was one of those games that got a lot of abuse over its outdated graphics but I never understood it. The excellent level-design and storyline more than made up for any graphics that might not have been state-of-the-art. The gameplay was fresh and exciting, particularly in multi-player and I spent many many happy hours playing it. As for Sam Fishers new voice, yes, I hated it along with everyone else, but that sort of detail would never be a game breaker for me.
  15. Cyborg Superman

    Cyborg Superman Well-Known Member Regular

    Has their been any Jack Ryan games? If not, that's definitely an untapped series that they could mine. There are some pretty solid movies there, and maybe they could put in Sean Connery's likeness for the Hunt for Red October, yesh? ;)
  16. karamara

    karamara Active Member Regular

    Blacklist's multiplayer was so good! I've spent a lot of time playing multiplayer more than the single player actually. Graphics are a bit dated but it wasn't bad at all. I just don't get those people complaining about bad graphics when they're treated with a really tasty gamepley. Too bad they veered away from the solid stealth based game mechanic from the previous games.
  17. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson Well-Known Member Regular

    The lack of stealth mechanics were a bit of a disappointment for me as well, but the game did show that state-of-the-art graphics do not make a game good on their own, gameplay aspects that increase immersion and longevity of the game will always be more important. If I enjoy the division as much as I enjoyed Blacklist than I will be more than happy.
  18. ilivetofly

    ilivetofly Member Regular

    I think with the over saturation of Assassin Creed titles they pumped out in the past Ubisoft needs to be careful not to stretch its loyal fans too thin. One person will usually take a good few hours speed out over weeks to complete one of there more open games and so I can only hope that they don't churn out too many and instead put there time and effort into making the best game they can right now.
  19. Cyborg Superman

    Cyborg Superman Well-Known Member Regular

    Assassin's Creed is a bad example though because every AC game has been pretty awesome and has sold extremely well. If they release the Division like they did AC, that would mean that the game was a financial success, which would mean that enough people thought it was fun to buy every sequel. ;)
  20. Spectre456

    Spectre456 Well-Known Member Regular

    My favorite Tom Clancy series is Splinter Cell, so I would have loved a new one. Blacklist released fairly recently though, so it might be a bit early to ask for another one. I'm sure it'll come eventually, and I'll be very excited when it does.
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