Did civilizations make you more interested

Discussion in 'Civilization V' started by SirJoe, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. SirJoe

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    Did civilizations make you more interested in history. I never really like history in school but what made me interested in the subject was civilizations. I wanted to know more of the nations that I was playing. How about you did it make you more interested or indifferent to history?
  2. HappyKoi

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    It actually did for me. When Civilization V decided to include Theodora, it made me want to learn more about her. Same with the Celts and Boudica. In fact, I found out that there was an entire film made about her (and it's really good, too). They have some interesting historical notes in the intro, and that's made me want to research some of the civilizations as well.
  3. DeeDee

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    It did make me end up knowing a lot more than I did originally as I never really paid much attention in history class either, and having it done like this also gives me a better picture of the small intricacies of war and diplomacy, though admittedly it has not made me interested enough that I would research on my spare time.
  4. gyakenji

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    Yes it definitely did. I couldn't have cared less about history before I played Civ5. But after I started playing it, I began to search up the names and research a bit about the civ. I learned about Wu Zetian, learned about Winged Hussars and the Polish Empire, learned about the Mongol invasion, I even wandered and learned about the Holy Roman Empire.

    I think this game is more motivating for me to learn history compared to my history teachers and books.
  5. Terry

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  6. Casiox

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    Not really, I never found the game as a motivation for learning about story since I mostly play it for fun, of course you'll have to learn something from it, but my interest in history is not that big.
  7. cardinals27

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    I am actually really into history which makes this game a lot more attractive to me. I feel like if you like learning about civilizations and all that this is a great game for you.
  8. AntonioCalcano

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    Yes it sure did make me more interested in history, this is one of the main things civ games have going for them. They have this educational part, it makes people feel interested in history, and we all know history can be a bit tedious to get into. I can't speak that much about civ 4 since I didn't play it that much but from what I've played in civ 5 I sure have learnt many things I didn't know before.
  9. Terry

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    It is a big motivation for learning I think!
  10. SirJoe

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    Then for you this game is even a greater treat. I don't know of many games out there that you can use to recreate epic battles with.
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  11. pwarbi

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    Growing up I was always interested in history anyway, so Civilizations was always going to be a game that I enjoyed. As for it making people enjoy history that wasn't interested in it in the first place though, I'm not so sure. Playing the game it may open their eyes to events in the past that they weren't aware of before, but it is just a game at the end of the day so I'm not sure playing Civilization is going to turn people into history fanatics all of a sudden.
  12. rz3300

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    It made me more interesting in a lot of different things, especially history in general and the leaders and all of that. That was a nice indirect benefit.
  13. FuZyOn

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    I was already interested in history before playing any Civilization games, but I would be lying if I said this game didn't make me read more historic stories. I liked to know the basic history of the regime I was about to lead, so I was always reading up on history stuff.