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    Hey guys.

    I will be running along with my team some streams during the beta and open play however I am going to go a step further and do commentary to help guys who will maybe not be as good. For those of you who do not know what Day[9] is he is a very prominant caster on the SC2 scene that runs a daily to helps players who aren't as good with some tips by reviewing games and coaching the masses in general.

    Why you should watch :

    - My team will be practicing 6 hours a day during the BETA and during the early release.
    - We are planning to play at a top 10 level right of the bat so our help would be invaluable.
    - I have a lot of XP at a top level of E-sports.
    - You will be able to understand our communication etc.
    - A few of us will be living in a gaming house, this makes sharing information and finding builds etc as a new team really easy and we will be happy to help you learn them if you dont have the same amount of time ^^

    How to follow :

    follow me on twitter : followlink1
    add me on skype : kyle_maschek
    email me : kyle_maschek

    PS: Still looking for an awesome name for the show!!!.
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    so it would more like be a video guide.. ?
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