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  1. Valentino

    Valentino Active Member

    Throughout the games there are some characters you meet that you can take along with your on your journey through the wastelands. Who are your favourite companions to take along with you and why?
  2. troutski

    troutski Well-Known Member Regular

    I hate just about all of the companions because they're all prone to getting in the way when it hurts you the most.
  3. Oblivious

    Oblivious Well-Known Member Regular

    My favorites are Boone and ED-E. I've only recently acquired ED-E for the first time and it's amazing. The music that plays when he spots an enemy is funny as hell. As for Boone, well, he's a killing machine. I like the fact that he's a sniper, it makes things easier when we're in open space.
  4. Obi

    Obi Well-Known Member

    I liked Cassidy in NV. She was an absolute legend with her shotgun and I liked her character the most out of the people I travelled with in the game.
  5. SereneAngel88

    SereneAngel88 Well-Known Member Regular

    Normally I usually don't take on companions but when I did, I always favored Dogmeat and Falkes. Dogmeat would always bring me ammo and find other stuff for me and there was nothing better than charging into a Raider hangout with a Super Mutant that mowed everything down with a laser Gatling gun.
  6. cassidy

    cassidy Member

    I have to go with Ian and Dogmeat from the first game. Fiercely loyal, competent, unassuming. Canonically, the first Dogmeat died (we learn it from the Vault Dweller's diary) and I felt genuinely sad about it.

    Fallout 2: Cassidy, without doubt. Probably the most competent and least trigger-happy of all companions with some great lines too! And he is a small tribute to 'Preacher' comics.

    NV: ED-E. There is something in it (him?) that reminds me of R2-D2. And I adore the little fanfare he makes when going into battle. You hear that and you know something IS ON!
  7. Kitty Reeves

    Kitty Reeves Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove Regular

    Not big on companions, but I always liked Dogmeat. Though I'd get upset if he died by accident.
  8. Zimbitt

    Zimbitt Well-Known Member Regular

    Boone is pretty bad ass, having him snipe random shit out of knowhere in slo mo was always a nice and intense surprise aha.