Breath of Fire IV


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I picked a PC copy from a thrift store recently and I was wondering what I'm in for and if there is anything I should know before I start.
I have no idea why no one ever replied to this but by now I am sure you found out what you were in store for. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. While I loved Breath Of Fire 3, this one has just as much love due to the story line and game play.

The dragons that you can transform into can go to a second level. It's been a while since I played it but if you search for it, You will com across it. It's a simple system to make them stronger.
I'd recommend these to anyone for it is such a good game, though I started on Breath of Fire 4. This game really brings back childhood memories. All those running around and taking care of the fairy village, which I spent a lot of my time on. This was the first RPG I ever played and it was an awesome experience. The gameplay was turn-based as most RPG there and not much character background but I love how they use two perspectives to develop the story in the game.
I played it in the PSX and it is such a great game. Characters are original and very well designed, summons, combos, side quests and side games are a lot of fun. One thing that annoys me is the 3D camera view. Sometimes I can't see anything at certain angles.