best mobile rpgs?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by m0ldy, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. m0ldy

    m0ldy Active Member Regular

    I play a lot of Heartstone on mobile but im getting bored of it and looking for a really good android rpg to play. I have a note 2 and it runs any game I install pretty well. I like hack n slash arpgs a lot but im willing to try out whatever.
  2. West

    West Well-Known Member Regular

    Try Star Wars: Uprising? I'm not sure how you feel about Star Wars, but in my opinion it's the hottest new mobile RPG out there right now. Worth giving a shot. It's pretty fun even if you don't like Star Wars, but it's especially enjoyable if you're a big fan.
  3. FuZyOn

    FuZyOn Well-Known Member Regular

    Dungeon Hunter is pretty good if you want a quality RPG game. I like 4 the most, but 5 is also really good.
  4. rz3300

    rz3300 Well-Known Member Regular

    I thought that the Star Wars games were pretty good for a mobile version. I am usually not really that into the whole Star Wars scene, either, so that might tell you a little something. It just had a good gameplay feel to it and the graphics were impressive, which are both important for me when it comes to a game. I would say give it a shot if you need something to get into.
  5. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Well-Known Member Regular

    I enjoyed the Chaos Rings Games, last i checked there were about 3 games? I havent played them all since I'm a complete PC gamer but I intend to try and atleast complete one of them.
  6. RolePlayer

    RolePlayer Well-Known Member Regular

    My favorite is Dragon Quest. It's a pretty similar format to the old RPG's on Super Nintendo.
  7. Chris_A

    Chris_A Well-Known Member Regular

    The Shadow Sun by Ossian Studios is very good. It was made by people that previously worked on games like Neverwinter Nights and Baldur`s Gate.
  8. DeeDee

    DeeDee Well-Known Member Regular

    I have heard final fantasy has mobile versions now or at least some of their older games were ported over. Is vent looked into them yet but I do plan on getting them someday when I have more time to play. I think it would be great if they could put all the old games onto mobile since they don't really need console controllers that much for accuracy anyway like most other genres.
  9. Chris_A

    Chris_A Well-Known Member Regular

    Playing older FF games mobile would be really cool. You can just play them anywhere on your favorite mobile device. And those games are definitely time sinks, so, the perfect games for long trips and such.
  10. qag

    qag Well-Known Member Regular

    The mobile ports of the Final Fantasy games are quite good, though I'm admittedly not a huge fan of the reworked artwork in some of the games...
  11. Lissiel

    Lissiel Member Regular

    What I'm playing on mobile is MMORPG. I know we are all familiar with Ragnarok right? Well, it is already in IOS--I don't know with Android though. It's the same Ragnarok that we play on PC; however, it needs to be improved. There are still a lot of things that are missing in the game--like there is no third job class. The option of the job is still very limited. But overall, I like the game and actually, I'm playing right now.
  12. Annejk18

    Annejk18 Well-Known Member Regular

    I enjoy playing Dragon Quest and Star wars Uprising. Those games are lit. I think also that Star war games are better in mobile version.
  13. NerdIndeed

    NerdIndeed Well-Known Member Regular

    I think Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings falls into this category. I like the fact that there are several things you can do in-game to increase your BR (Battle Rating). The only downside is it is pretty much pay-to-win.
  14. Athanas

    Athanas Well-Known Member Regular

    Most of the RPGs played via mobile devices are nice. Very few negative reviews are available concerning the same.
  15. razer

    razer Well-Known Member Regular

    They are almost all garbage. The exceptions could be older console games that were ported, but then I don't know if the ports themselves are of good quality and playable on mobile phones.
  16. pmk1996

    pmk1996 Active Member Regular

    Final fantasy and evoland are some of the best RPG games I've played.
  17. Annejk18

    Annejk18 Well-Known Member Regular

    I tried playing Star Wars and mobile versions of final fantasy. They good and run smoothly on adroids. But now I really like playing Dragon Quest.
  18. overcast

    overcast Well-Known Member Regular

    Clash of clan seems to be a good one. Most of the people are finding the clash of clans to be more useful and good too.