Action RPG or Turnbased RPG?

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by jbeavis100, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. jbeavis100

    jbeavis100 Well-Known Member

    Personally I love em both but what are your guys favorite style of RPG?

    I think if done well an Action RPG can be fantastic but if done badly... yeah...
    Not too many bad turnbased games. :p
  2. William Quah

    William Quah Well-Known Member

    Turn base RPGs is a dying art. These days all of them use some kind of real time combat system, not the Skyrim or Dragon's Dogma type but the Final Fantasy XIII type and I don't like them.
  3. Astdua

    Astdua Well-Known Member Regular

    I liked how the KOTOR series utilized a sort of blend of the two, I thought it was pretty good. Turn based RPGS truly aren't around much anymore, but I prefer it because it feels more RPGish, at least according to my personal understanding of what a a good game in the genre should have, and dynamic "smart" action isn't high on my priorities list to be honest.
  4. jbeavis100

    jbeavis100 Well-Known Member

    No, that was true turn based made to look like an Action-RPG... None the less it was neat.
  5. lindbergh

    lindbergh Well-Known Member Regular

    I would just like you guys to know that this is a duplicate thread. I have already posted a similar thread months ago and the thread could be found here:

    Sorry for being a spoil sport here but it's just that I was the one who made the previous thread. Anyways, I like turn based rpgs better.
  6. OmarFW

    OmarFW Well-Known Member Regular

    I generally prefer Action RPGs as long as you can pause the gameplay to re-coordinate your tactics. Examples of this are games like Mass Effect, Fallout 3, The Elder Scrolls, KOTOR, etc.

    However, I have played games such as the Avernum series and had an absolute blast. It is much slower paced and gives you time to really plot your strategy, which makes the enemies counter-strategy more significant. Typically those games have AI that will do more than simply charge at you in a straight line, which is found in most ARPGs. Basically I like turn based RPGs because they are much harder than ARPGs.
  7. RMCMage

    RMCMage Well-Known Member

    Action RPG's all the way to me turn based used to be fun as a kid, but now I don't like them to much.
  8. jbeavis100

    jbeavis100 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but that would be necroing to post in there. I figured it would be better to start a new thread then bring back a dead one.
  9. Orz

    Orz Well-Known Member

    Are there even that many turn based RPGs which exist? I definitely prefer action based RPGs, so much more realistic and exciting.
  10. jbeavis100

    jbeavis100 Well-Known Member

    Well, you know.. POKEMON and the entire Dragon Quest series.. The earlier FF's. The Upcoming Bravely Default.
  11. RMCMage

    RMCMage Well-Known Member

    I don't know to many that exist, but then again I don't look for them, but I am sure they are still around I don't play as many RPG's as I used to just because of time, but I am sure if you look you will find some.
  12. mauricioq

    mauricioq Well-Known Member Regular

    I prefer an Action RPG, because I don't like waiting, and I'm very impatient. haha
    But sometimes a good turnbased RPG can be enjoyable too!
  13. Psybe

    Psybe Well-Known Member

    i prefer turnbased just for the old school feel
  14. William Quah

    William Quah Well-Known Member

    Yeah, basically every classic JRPGs were turn based. Action RPGs weren't a thing back then and didn't have as many games as turn based even. I guess people got bored of turn based and prefer action which led to JRPGs moving toward action too.
  15. OmarFW

    OmarFW Well-Known Member Regular

    Avernum, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Chrono-trigger, many many other JRPGs, etc.
  16. MrFreshh

    MrFreshh Well-Known Member

    Action RPG's are definitely taking over. Turn-based RPG's still have their place, as the Banner Saga's success proves, but it is difficult to avoid clunkiness in these types of games. Action RPG's just feel smoother and more immersive, and that's what today's market wants.
  17. Lostvalleyguy

    Lostvalleyguy Well-Known Member

    I have played both and if both continue to be available I will continue to play both. I prefer action though. The reason for this is that action based games have a more natural flow to them. Rarely in life do people stop, wait their turn, proceed, stop... maybe they should.
  18. llllllllllllllllllll

    llllllllllllllllllll Well-Known Member

    Turn-based gameplay is what I also look for in a RPG. While I am not closing my door to other RPG genre, turn-based is just special in my opinion as not all types of gamers has the determination to understand the mechanics of this genre. All gamers can play FPS games and action RPGs, but not everyone can play and understand turn-based RPGs.
  19. tinybutnotfangless

    tinybutnotfangless Well-Known Member Regular

    For RPG's, I prefer turn based game play. It allows me to plan my attacks coinciding the situation. Action based game play is fine, but it really depends on the overall game mechanics. I like how Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas has their optional turn-based attacks, but still allow you to use real time as well.
  20. sidd230

    sidd230 Well-Known Member

    It seems that most of the turn based RPGs went to handhelds. I recently got a 3DS and most of the RPGs I bought for the platform, both 3DS and NDS titles, were turn based JRPGs. They're certainly not big budget games, but still fun to play, so I don't really miss them.