A tale of the family Vol

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    "In a lonely marsh, just outside Lion's Arch, stands an old memorial for Grenth. Below, engraved in unearthly metals, is the name Vol... Ichbin Vol." A man perked up, "Ichbin Vol? What a strange name, was he Elonian?"

    A salty skald of a bard grimaced at one of his listeners, telling him to quiet with his eyes, "Nay, for he was Ascalonian. Skin as pale as the undead that served him! He lived in the time of The Searing, and was one of the many heroes that escaped with Prince Rurik."

    A friend of the interrupter perked up, "Then why haven't we heard of this Vol family before? If his family served Prince Rurik, that must'ave been note worthy, am I right?"

    The story teller sighed before gulping back some fresh mead, given to him for payment of a tale. "You asked me about that Xerran kid, right? His family is very touchy about their past. Some say their patriarch's soul still lingers into his children, giving them immense powers of life and death." Before talking another swig of mead, he smirks, looking outside the tavern where the prodigy necromancer Xerran was just walking, "I'll tell ya one thing thats carried down however. The affinity for strange names, HA!" His listeners chuckled and roused until the teller continued, "I will say this, as high an mighty as that new son of Vol thinks he is, he still doesnt hold a candle to his great-great-grandfather. Entire armies, risen from the graves, to defend all of Kryta while being bombarded by its various foes. It is because of many necromancer, like Ichbin, why it is still practiced today, and tolerated."

    The group caroused and chatted away the day. It was dark in the inn, but bright light shed through. Glancing outside, one could see Xerran Vol, with all his noble lavishing, purchasing choice bread in the side markets. "Look at him." One man noted, "Must be nice living under such a nice shadow, eating up their wealth."

    Just then, alarm bells chimed ominously across town, "Centaurs! Centaurs attacking! Lock up your homes!" A guard riding across the ways chanting over and over, to ward off any foolish... want-to-be heroes...
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    I hope some folks join you on your tale and i also hope Xerran isn't some want-to-be hero ;)
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    Good story so far. Lets see some more!
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    I'd like to read more! :)
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