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Wanderer Team Gives New Update For Game!

by on January 1, 2017

Wanderer, is an episodic 2D RPG that got funded on Kickstarter a while. Ever since then, the team at Red Cloak Games have been working hard to bring the title to life.

In their latest Kickstarter update, that spans progress made over the last 3 months, the team revealed what they have been up to, and where their focus has been in regards to developing Wanderer:

“The focus has been split between revising content and design, and upping the level of atmosphere and polish with updated FX, cutscenes, and sound design. Our sound designer Romain has been killing it with his work on the project, and has without question pushed up the overall presentation quality several-fold.

The attention to detail when it comes to sound effects, whether it be footsteps and impacts changing appropriately on different materials, the size and type of room affecting sound reverberation, or alternate styles of “voice blips” for each character in dialogue is incredibly cool and honestly way more complex than anything I envisioned from the early stages.”

He also notes that the team has been working on finetuning the gameplay aspects of Wanderer. Including the Perk system that was mentioned early on. Also, writing has been a big consumption of time, but they’re working through it.

You can read the full update here, complete with videos on what’s been done recently.

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