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Unsung Story Gets New Update On Kickstarter

by on October 6, 2018

Is Unsung Story still being made? What’s the latest from the dev team.

Kickstarter projects are almost always risks, and that goes double for when the campaign is funded and the rewards are set to go out. For the “tragedy” that was Unsung Story, they hit their goal, but their development team basically did nothing to make the game. Which led to backer fury. Eventually, they handed off the game to Little Orbit games, who has been trying to finish what they started. In their latest update on Kickstarter, they noted how everything is gone from the original team’s hands:

Since then I have had many fans and backers ask me why we decided to move everything away from Torus.

The decision was based on a gradual take over of the project that started back in March, after Torus faced a number of challenges coming out of Pre-Production. Unsung Story was always going to be very collaborative because of the Matsuno source material, but by May all of the art production had been moved to Little Orbit, and in July we took over several of the design deliverables. By August it was clear that the project would start to suffer if we continued to split development between the two studios. Little Orbit has an 8 year working history with Torus, and they have shipped many titles for us. I deeply appreciate all the work they did on the title for nearly a year.

August and September have been a blur of ramp up.

In addition to the existing internal folks already working on the game, my Executive Producer, Nick, has officially taken over along with his associate producer, Kyle. We moved a new designer (Jared) onto the project at the end of August. We have a new lead level designer and two new engineers joining the team today! And we’ll be moving over two more engineers (Brandon and Rodney), a UX artist (Jessica), and a technical artist (a different Nick) as they free up off other projects later this month.

Whether Unsung story still gets made is unclear.

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