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The Immediate Future Of Fallout 76 Revealed?

by on November 15, 2019

What’s going on with Fallout 76? What’s coming up in it?

Fallout 76 hasn’t been in the best of places, and every time you think that Bethesda is going to improve things, it seems to get worst. Like with the recent release of Fallout First, a subscription service that costs more than most people believe it should be.

And now, a new leak is stating that Bethesda is going full tilt in a way, because they’re tired (apparently) of trying to bring in more players. Instead, they’re going to implement a more Pay-To-Win style of gameplay and thus try and get the few dedicated people on the game to pay as much as possible.

Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but if it is true, then things are only getting worse for this title.

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