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Pyra Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Pyra From Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Getting Statue

by Todd Blackon December 26, 2017
Are there any collectibles for Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Something cool that represents the game well? The last major release for the Nintendo Switch in 2017 was Xenoblade Chronicles 2. A sprawling epic of an RPG made by Monolith Soft. One of the biggest aspects of the game was its incredibly detailed and story-filled characters. One […]
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Monolith Soft

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Enters Famitsu’s Top 5 Most Wanted Games!

by Todd Blackon November 13, 2017
Are players excited about Xenoblade Chronicles 2? How much so? Though there are no 1st party Nintendo games coming out this month for Nintendo Switch, the next big game isn’t too far away. As Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will arrive on December 1st. Nintendo has been pushing the game pretty well, including a Nintendo Direct last week, […]

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Video Details Game

by Todd Blackon September 14, 2017
When is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming out? What else can we expect from the title in regards to its large world? Nintendo dropped some major news and details about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2 during a massive Nintendo Direct. In fact, they dedicated 8 minutes to it during the Direct. We found out about the […]