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Vampyr Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon October 26, 2018
Any new 3rd party titles coming to Nintendo Switch? How about Vampyr? The Nintendo Switch has just gotten another 3rd party announcement, this time in the form of the gothic-RPG known as Vampyr. This will be brought to the Switch via Dontnod Entertainment, who brought the game to other platforms. Here’s the synopsis of the […]

Vampyr Has Sold Near Half A Million Copies

by Todd Blackon July 14, 2018
How well is Vampyr doing sales wise? Any hard numbers yet? Whenever a developer tries to go big on a title, there’s always a risk that no one will appreciate it and not buy it a result. For developer Dontnod, they took a big risk with their RPG Vampyr. With a dark story and setting, […]


Vampyr Has Officially Gone Gold

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
Is Vampyr nearing completion? When will it go gold? Vampyr has officially gone gold, this was revealed by the team on the Twitter fee. The game is now good to go with its release date on June 5th. The game itself takes place in 1918 just after World War I, where a man who has […]

Vampyr Gets New Character Trailer

by Todd Blackon May 4, 2018
Vampyr looks good, can we see more? What’s it like being a vampire in the game? Vampyr is set to be an intense RPG experience, and as a new gameplay trailer shows, becoming a vampire can be monstrous, and being one afterward can be even worse. Check out the new trailer and description for the […]


Vampyr Gets New Gameplay Video!

by Todd Blackon February 16, 2018
Where can I check out more of Vampyr? Like maybe some actual gameplay? The campaign to promote the upcoming RPG Vampyr has been pretty big, with a miniseries helping build the story. But, if you’re looking for some gameplay footage, you need look no further. You can check it out below!

Vampyr – Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure Arrives On Youtube

by Todd Blackon January 29, 2018
When’s the next episode of the Vampyr webseries¬†coming out? What’s it about? DONTNOD is continuing to build up hype for their upcoming RPG Vampyr by releasing another episode of their webseries dedicated to fleshing out the world of the game. The video, and a synopsis of it, are below. “In Episode 2: Architects of the […]


Vampyr Webseries Gets Teaser!

by Todd Blackon January 15, 2018
What’s the story behind the Vampyr web series? What’s it entail? Vampyr is going to be a very unique RPG when it releases later this Spring. And to help build up the hype for it, developer DONTNOD is releasing a 4-part webseries to show off the characters and world of the game. They released a […]

Check Out the Latest Gameplay Trailer for Vampyr!

by Jeffrey Harrison December 22, 2016
Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive¬†revealed today a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming action RPG Vampyr. You can check out the new cinematic trailer for the upcoming game in the player below. The new video showcases the legends and tales of the mysterious protagonist for the world of the game, Dr. Jonathan Reid. The […]


Check Out New Screenshots of Vampyr’s Combat!

by Jeffrey Harrison September 30, 2016
Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive shared today some new screenshots for the upcoming RPG Vampyr. You can check out the new images of the game’s combat in the gallery below. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size images. The game will be an action-RPG and will feature combat on the flu-ridden streets of […]

Check Out Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage for Vampyr!

by Jeffrey Harrison August 26, 2016
Focus Home Interactive¬†and DontNod have released some new footage for the game. You can check out the new video, featuring 15 minutes pre-alpha gameplay from the crypt, in the player below. The video features footage of the 15-minute gameplay video of the pre-alpha version shown to attendees at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany last week. […]