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The Walking Dead

TellTale’s The Walking Dead Season 03 Gets New Trailer!

by Todd Blackon December 12, 2016
The third season of Telltale Game’s popular Walking Dead series is almost here. In, fact, it’ll arrive next Tuesday. Called, The New Frontier, the game will further the adventures of main character Clementine, while also introducing new characters along the way, including one that’ll serve as a new main character. With its release imminent, Telltale […]

Batman Title From TellTale Games Gets New Details! Voice Cast Revealed!

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2016
Brand new details has come out about the upcoming TellTale Games title starring Batman and his cast of characters. Described as a “living comic book” the game not only got a detailed description, but a full breakdown of the voice cast that we can expect. The reveal came at E3, and it came with some […]

Batman Game To Feature New Engine From TellTale!

by Todd Blackon March 21, 2016
Even with a breakdown of the game recently given, even more details for TellTales Games Batman title are coming out via SXSW. During the panel that broke the game down, Telltale co-founder Kevin Bruner said that the company was making an upgraded engine to truly make their Batman title shine. He notes that: “We’ve got […]

Telltale’s Batman Game Gets More Details!

by Todd Blackon March 21, 2016
When Telltale Games, the team behind The Walked Dead series, Tales of the Borderlands, and more, announced that they would be doing a Batman game in their classic episodic style, gamers were very intrigued. And yet, details were scarce. However, we now know a little more about what they have in mind. Revealed at SXSW, […]

Telltale announces Batman Release

by TeXon December 4, 2015