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Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Shows Off New Region

by Todd Blackon July 27, 2018
What’s the latest on Sunless Skies? Any new updates on the games’ world? Sunless Skies has had a rough development road so far. They’ve had many ups and downs, but the dev team is determined to continue making the game, and to help with that, they have extended the Early Access period of the game […]
Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Delayed, Some Of Team Laid Off

by Todd Blackon February 9, 2018
What’s the latest on Sunless Skies? Any progress in its development? Video game development is a business, and it’s one that can have failure even in success. Take, for example, Failbetter Games, who had the hit game Sunless Sea. They’re in the process of making its sequel, Sunless Skies, which had a very successful Kickstarter campaign […]

Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Reveals “Roadmap” To Completion

by Todd Blackon April 26, 2017
The Kickstarter funded alternate steampunk reality space exploration game Sunless Skies is in development by the team at Fail Better Games.But in their desire to show off just what’s coming from them and when, they decide to build a “roadmap” for people to read and understand. Each step is divided up into sprints, which are […]
Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Has Been Funded On Kickstarter

by Todd Blackon March 5, 2017
Sunless Skies, the sequel to the hit game Sunless Sea has been funded via Kickstarter. It raised nearly 400,000 pound via nearly 12,000 backers. Where Sunless Sea took you to a world below the surface of the Earth, Sunless Skies takes you into space itself, and has you led the British Empire to glory as […]

Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies Revealed By Fail Better Games

by Todd Blackon September 27, 2016
Sunless Sea was a game that mixed old school top down gameplay with intense stories and the need to always be aware of where you were in the vast “Undersea.” Well, developer Fail Better Games has announced a sequel to the game in the form of Sunless Skies, which will debut on Kickstarter in 2017. […]