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No Plans For Star Ocean: Second Evolution To Come To The West!

by Todd Blackon July 6, 2016
Despite the popularity of the Star Ocean franchise in the west, the series has taken a hit as of late. The most recent game, Integrity and Faithlessness, has only done ok in terms of sales and reviews. In fact, many have stated that the new title is a step back for the franchise. Now, it’s […]

Star Ocean 5 Will Stay True To Star Ocean Series Roots

by Todd Blackon May 26, 2016
JRPG’s are a dying breed in a way, as many Japanese developers who launch titles worldwide try to appeal to all regions, not just their own. As such, the JRPG, which has been one of the staples of the RPG genre, is dying out in regards to worldwide releases. With Star Ocean 5: Integrity and […]

Is the Console Market Dwindling In Japan?

by Todd Blackon April 12, 2016
Japan and America have always been very different when it comes to the games they like, and how they approach video games. When the video game crash of 1983 was occurring in the US, Japan was still enjoying its video games like nothing else. Now, while the US and other countries continue to enjoy the […]

Is Star Ocean 5 A Reboot? Find Out The Truth Here!

by Todd Blackon April 10, 2016
Sequels are what determine whether a game series has long legs, or will fizzle out. While many franchises seeks to crank out titles every year, other titles are willing to take their time and ensure quality. It is for this reason that the Star Ocean series is revered by gamers. With it’s upcoming title, Star […]

Star Ocean 5 Coming To US On July 1st!

by Todd Blackon April 5, 2016
The lastest installment of the acclaimed Star Ocean series has already released in Japan, but today on the PSBlog, a release date for the US and Europe was given. The US will receive the game on June 28th, and Europe will get it July 1st. On the blog, the team notes that if you’ve never […]