Dragons Are Coming To Elder Scrolls Online: Introducing Elsweyr

Wondering what Bethesda has planned for Elder Scrolls Online in 2019? We learned all the details today when the developer unveiled their new world, Elsweyr. Are fire-breathing, flying lizards truly on the way?

Elsweyr is the centerpiece of a year-long, four-part story event in ESO that begins with the upcoming Wrathstone DLC dungeon pack. This pack will introduce not just a host of new dungeons but DRAGONS. You’ll have to wait a few months to find out where they came from.

Following Wrathstone, in June, the main attraction will make its debut: Elsweyr will be roughly the same size and scope as last year’s expansion, Summerset. Elsweyr will contain the following and more:

  • A whole new zone to explore: Elsweyr
  • An epic main story quest line that ties into the Season of the Dragon
  • A powerful new Class: Necromancer
  • A challenging new 12-player Trial: Sunspire
  • Massive new world events: Dragon Attacks
  • A huge amount of unique delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests
  • A host of updates and quality-of-life improvements

Elsweyr will pack 30 hours of additional gameplay and the introduction of the Necromancers, a new class with the ability to raise and command undead enemies, as well as cast elemental spells.

Pre-purchasing Elsweyr will get you a bundle of exclusive goodies at launch including the Noble Clan Chief costume, Blue Dragon Imp pet, Treasure Maps, a Baandari Pedlar Crown Crate, and Experience Scrolls. Digital pre-purchases will also include the Rahd-m’Athra mount.

The expansion will be sold in four separate editions: Standard (physical), Digital Upgrade, Digital Collector’s Edition, and Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade. The Collector’s Edition will include all the content available in the preorder offer as well as unannounced extras of its own.

Escape into Elsweyr this June when it comes to Elder Scrolls Online for Playstation 4, XBox One, PC and Mac. An Early Access version will be made available to PC and Mac users starting May 20.