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Sunless Skies Reveals “Roadmap” To Completion

by on April 26, 2017

The Kickstarter funded alternate steampunk reality space exploration game Sunless Skies is in development by the team at Fail Better Games.But in their desire to show off just what’s coming from them and when, they decide to build a “roadmap” for people to read and understand. Each step is divided up into sprints, which are two week periods of time in which the developer tries to complete certain tasks. Below are three of the sprints that the team will accomplish, as this is where they are in development at the time of this posting.

Sprint 9 – Traveling Through the Reach: APHELION Part I
ART: initial UI pipeline set up, initial locomotive designs
CONTENT: initial region work on The Reach
GAMEPLAY & DESIGN: beginning mechanics on hunger/death/fuel/time, procedurally generated movement through the game world

Sprint 10 – Traveling Through the Reach: Part II – APHELION Part 2
ART: terrain pipeline
CONTENT: Port: Traitor’s Wood
GAMEPLAY & DESIGN: implementing fuel/hunger, initial work on Terror, beginning character progression

Sprint 11 – Traveling Through the Reach: Part III – BIG BANG
ART: beginning art and animation greyboxing
CONTENT: vessel classifications
GAMEPLAY & DESIGN: combat AI specifications for tactics, error report capturing, hold management

You can read the rest of the sprints here.

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