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Steamforged Games and Jagex to Lauch Runescape Tabletops

by on September 12, 2023

After a year in partnership, Steamforged Games and Jagex are ready to launch two Runescape tabletop games. The games are an RPG and a board game.

Those who have played RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game know the style. It has its own proprietary system that was created especially for RuneScape Kingdoms. Now, both experienced and new RuneScape fans can enjoy it as well.

Rules and a guide are included, along with a 3D 6-side dice mechanic. The guide and setting should be able to let a GM set up a RuneScape campaign, with character creation, magic, prayer systems, crafting, and a roster of RuneScape monsters.

Both teams have partnered with these tabletop games. Pre-orders for both begin on September 29th, and the tabletop RPG will also receive expansions. A Steamforged Collector’s Edition is also available for the RPG.

The board game RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg is also a good introduction since the quests are directly inspired by the MMORPG.

Expect inspiration from the MMO in all corners, from bosses to earning brand new capes to baking cakes to save Gielinor as you go on quests together, learn skills, meet some classic characters, and craft your gear.

Even as Jadex thrives to expand its horizons by forging new partnerships, it’s walking a taut rope. A recent report run by Reuters and other media indicates that the parent company is looking to sell the studio.

It is among several valuable assets that are up for grabs in the ensuing year. According to details, the company makes about $65 million in annual revenues placing it within the top fifty producers. These numbers do not seem enough to keep it alive.

Runescape was one of the first MMORPGs to capture the gaming community. It is surely not going anywhere, especially now that it will be on our tables.

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