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Square Enix Rolls Out Tabletop of Final Fantasy XIV

by on September 22, 2023

Square Enix Studios has announced a new tabletop RPG mode of  Final Fantasy XIV. The adaptation will see the developer joining other studios such as Games Workshop in producing tabletop games.

The popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is being adapted into a tabletop RPG. A teaser site was launched on Thursday with information about upcoming products, Quare Enix said the starter set will launch in May 2024.

In a post on the Final Fantasy website, the game studio announced the new tabletop RPG “in commemoration of A Realm Reborn’s 10th anniversary”.  The tabletop role-playing game has been developed as a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of A Realm Reborn. It’s unclear what the rule system for the TTRPG will be.

Rather than adapting DnD or another game of open license, the starter set contains a mix of D20s and D6s, a combination of RPG dice that does not correspond to any popular systems that players are familiar with.

According to the post, Square Enix will roll out a Starter Set.  Among its contents are:

  • a beginner-friendly Player Book,
  • a Gamemaster Book,
  • a rules summary and strategy guide,
  • dice,
  • an encounter map,
  • pre-generated characters with character tokens,
  • and ability markers.

In the Gamemaster book, there are 3 premade scenarios based on the main storyline of Final Fantasy XIV. There are four characters in all. The characters are:

  1. a Warrior (tank),
  2. a White Mage (healer),
  3. a Dragoon (melee damage dealer),
  4. and a Black Mage (ranged damage dealer).

Although it isn’t quite clear what species the characters will come from, it is fair to assume dungeons and dragons. However, the studio may choose to include the cat or bunny people,

According to the teaser site, the Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Standard Rulebook “includes all the basic rules and information you need to create and play a character”.



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