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Special Ash Pikachu To Be Distributed For Pokemon Sun and Moon In Japan!

by on March 12, 2017

In Japan, Pokemon is getting a theatrical movie based on the original adventures of Ash and his Pokemon Pikachu. Titled Pokemon: I Choose You! It shows how the legendary friendship got started. However, if you pre-order tickets for the event, you’ll get something very special, a code to get a hat for your Pikachu.

But not just any hat, Ash’s hat. Effectively making this Ash Pikachu. In fact, you’ll be able to get the hat for your favorite region as Nintendo Everything notes:

– Original Cap can be obtained from April 15th to May 1st and then July 19th to July 31st
– Hoenn Cap from May 3rd through May 15th then again August 2nd through August 14th
– Sinnoh Cap from May 17th to May 29th with a repeat on August 16th through August 28th
– From May 31st through June 12th you can get the Unova Cap, repeated on August 30th through September 11th
– From June 14th through June 26th you can get the Kalos Cap, repeated September 13th through 25th
– From June 28th to July 17th you can get the Alola Cap Pikachu, repeated from September 27th through October 9th

This is only currently available to do in Japan, but it’s possible that this could crossover to the US and other countries as well.

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