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Quinfall – Sneak Preview of Time Travel MMORPG

by on October 12, 2023

Game developer Vawraek Technology has provided a sneak peek into its upcoming time travel MMORPG. The studio provided some insight into the game’s progress via a post on X (Formerly Twitter)

Earlier this month, the group teased the game’s character creator screen It also shed details on the customizable features players can use to create their own characters. These include tattoos, makeup, skeletal structure, and vein size adjustments.

In recent screenshots, the studio revealed the various weapon types and their associated classes. It also showed a weapon-based class system for players to specialize in their preferred arms type.

this means that your weapons determine who you become. For example, those using a bow can become Pet Summoners or Critical Archers. In the same way, those wielding swords and shields can become Guardians or Swordmasters.

Quinfall is set on the time travel concept. Players will traverse the world in a Star Trek style.¬†Explore the Quinfall universe, take part in unique battles, and be part of an immersive story set in medieval times. This is an all-new MMORPG experience and the world’s largest map.

However, this universe is a war-ridden expanse with no boundary as time is the only limit as to where the player can go. The Turkish company is expecting about 12 thousand players at beta and believes that they own a large enough server to host them.

In January 2023, the studio released a Twitter post of two well-developed characters that will spearhead the role-play and customization. The quality and appearance won overall positive ratings and were backed with a time travel storyline. The post invited followers and seemed to have received enough.

The Vawraek studio is still accepting applications for the closed beta test that will take place later this year. For those interested in participating, sign up on the Steam page.

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