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Pokemon GO Player Notices XP Scaling Problem

by on July 21, 2016

In Pokemon GO, not only do your Pokemon grow, but you do as a trainer. The more Pokemon you catch, the higher the level of your trainer. This in turn gives you more access to rarer and higher level Pokemon. However, one trainer who is over level 30 has noticed a serious problem. According to Reddit user Riggnaros, the gaining of XP from catching Pokemon in regards to the scaling of the gap needed to gain a level is way to high. In fact, in the higher levels, it would take players a year to get to another level in some cases, if not longer:

“Scaling is WAY off in every area and needs to be adjusted,” Riggnaros writes. “Pokemon that you capture do not need to give the same xp at level 30 as they do at level 1, especially rare/evolved/high CP Pokemon. It makes no sense that a 10cp Pidgey should be giving the same xp as an 1600cp Scyther.”

He is not the only one to note this, and others are asking Niantic to adjust appropriately, for to not do so would likely ruin the experience for gamers.

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