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Planet Explorers Enters Beta on Steam!

by on August 5, 2016

As announced on their Steam Page, the game Planet Explorers, developed by Pathea, has enter Beta on Steam. The only will only last for a certain amount of time, and will be added upon during the beta, but for now, it’s ready to play. Here’s the full Beta release statement:

“It has been a long road, but we’ve finally entered beta. What beta means for us is that all the major technical and artistic assets are in game, it does not mean we’re only going to balance and bug fix from now on. There are still much left to do. Some key items on our to do list during the beta:

Ingame aid – something like the Word paperclip, optional but should be very helpful for new players.
Adventure storyline – we’ll be adding in a more mission based system to the adventure mode that ties up all the gameplay elements.
AI tweaks and additions – there are still several species and behaviors to be added, also lots of balancing to do.
Storyline tweaks – adding in more cutscenes and more animation to bring the story to life, also balancing.
Optimization – optimize the game where ever possible.
Balancing gameplay – tweaks on animation, damage, hp, armor, defense, where to buy stuff, etc.
Animation – polishing up animation
Make ISO site – attempt to make an official download site for ISOs.
Bugs – terminate all bugs.
32 bit – Make the game run decent enough on a 32 bit machine.

Our beta will not last long, we should be out of it in 1-2 months. Does beta mean that saves will be protected? For story mode, yes. For adventure, no. If you want to be completely safe as far as saves are concerned, please wait for the final in a bit. Now that we’re in beta, we need all of your help to determine the best balance and find all the bugs. Please give us your feedback on our board or the Steam boards or email us! “

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