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Nintendo Wanting More Mature Video Games For Switch?

by on October 16, 2017

Is Nintendo shedding their “family friendly” ways? Are “M” Rated going to be coming in plethora to the Switch?

Nintendo has been known as many things over the three decades they’ve been making video games. But one stigma that both best defines them, and sometimes cripples them, is their desire to have mainly “E-T” rated games on their systems. They’ll often have a few “M” rated titles, but they’re rarities. This is in contrast to the Microsoft and Sony systems which have produced vast quantities of “M” rated titles over the years.

Yet, that might be changing, as the Wall Street Journal is stating that Nintendo is now much more “open” to mature titles. Even apparently giving go-aheads┬áto titles that would never have been on Nintendo platforms before. We got a glimpse of this through Bethesda, who is bringing not one, but three major “M” rated titles to the Switch via Skyrim (coming out in November), Doom, and Wolfenstein: New Colossus.

So, what comes next? That’s a bit difficult to say, for though they may have the door open to it, it’s up to developers to determine whether to bring their mature titles to the Nintendo Switch.

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