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New Final Fantasy XV Update Detailed!

by on June 11, 2017

Final Fantasy XV is set to get a fun update this month, which will offer not only a new look for your Regalia ride, but also new DLC for one of the main characters. First up, Square Enix revealed the Regalia-D, which will allow your car to not only go off-road, but also to jump. This no doubt is meant to give the players more freedom in what they do and how they drive.

Second, is has been confirmed that the Prompto DLC for Final Fantasy XV will also arrive this month. This is the second of the story-driven DLC featuring main characters Noctis’ friends. No specific dates for either was given as of yet, but that could change with the arrival of E3.

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  • June 11, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Final Fantasy comes into my list of favorite games easily (the game is amazing! :cool:).

    I'm quite looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XV and I believe the game will exceed my expectations (as always did :)).

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