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Neverwinter Details Swords Of Chult Update For Xbox One and PS4

by on January 9, 2018

When’s the next Neverwinter update coming for Xbox One and PS4? What’s in the Swords of Chult update?

After a long wait, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Neverwinter can now enjoy the latest update, the Swords Of Chult. This update will bring many new things to players, as well as new updates for key systems like PVP and Campaign Progression. For full details, check out the breakdown below:

“Expanding Tomb of Annihilation’s content, the Swords of Chult update brings the jungle’s many threats to Port Nyanzaru. Endgame players battle against dinosaurs, the undead and servants of Acererak in “The Merchant Prince’s Folly” Skirmish, which changes each time it is played. Adventurers of all levels can experience the competitive side of Neverwinter in a fresh way with the reworked PvP experience featuring all-new rewards. A list of PvP mechanic changes and more update features can be found below:

  • “The Merchant Prince’s Folly” Skirmish – Port Nyanzaru is filled with riches and the enemies of Chult want them. A defense of the city and its inhabitants is in order in an all-new, dynamic five-player Skirmish for adventurers at the endgame. Save the city for new rewards!
  • PvP Updates – In this update, the Tenacity stat has been replaced, PvP items now scale even more with the activity, plus armor penetration has been changed further and control effects now have diminishing returns. Swords of Chult also introduces a new set of PvP gear, a permanent Solo PvP Queue and more.
  • Inventory Management Updates – In an effort to improve item management, new sorting options have been incorporated into the UI allowing players to sort all items, identify all items, sell all treasure and tweak other display options.
  • Refinement System Changes – Adventurers can also look forward to a more streamlined refinement experience, allowing them to bulk convert items into RP, as well as manage them incrementally as before.
  • Campaign Progression for Alts – Avid Neverwinter players with multiple characters now have the option to create a Signet of Patronage for several endgame campaigns. These may be applied to alt characters to progress through supported campaigns much faster.”
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