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Naruto Online Gets New Updates and Wins a Big Award! Get All the Details Here!

by on January 11, 2017

Naruto Online starts 2017 off right with some new updates and some big award news. Oasis Games Ltd officially announced this week some new content updates for the turn-based MMORPG, Naruto Online, that’s currently available for Windows PC. Additionally, the game received the award for Facebook’s Best Web Game of 2016.

Per Oasis Games, the game is getting a 2.0 update with new features that includes changes to the game’s Arena, new Main Character Talents, some Home Interface additions and more. Additionally, the 2.0 update also adds a new Season Mode that will reward players at the start of each new season based on the highest rank achieved in the last season.

Once a player reaches a new rank, that player will be awarded with a specific award based on that Rank. Also, players can test the lineups in the Arena’s Training Battle mode without worrying about losing their Rank Points. When players reach level 55, they will get a new ninja testing function that will become available. This function enables players to pick ninjas of their choice to try out in a battle. You can get more details on the 2.0 update at the above link.

Naruto Online is set within the Naruto universe and follows the story of the anime series. The game adds five new characters representing the elements of elements of earth, water, fire, wind and lightning. Players can choose to become one of these characters and start a new adventure, gaining experience in a variety of different types of quests and gameplay modes.  Naruto online is available in north America and Europe, and it’s free-to-play for Windows PC.

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