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Monolith Soft Opens Up New Studio

by on June 7, 2018

How’s Monolith Soft doing? Are they expanding like they wanted to?

Monolith Soft has been one of the biggest in-house developers for the Nintendo Switch, they’re the minds behind the Xenoblade Chronicles saga and have been praised for their RPG prowess and expansive worlds. Previously, they noted that they would love to expand their studio in order to make more video games. Well, now it seems they’ve gotten their wish.

For the team has gotten a new studio for themselves in Iidabashi, Tokyo. Currently, the developer has two studios. The main one is in Tokyo as well, and there’s one in Kyoto that is primarily assigned to Nintendo for help.

The head of the company noted that not only do they want to make another Xenoblade Chronicles title, but also a sequel to the X title and a new IP that is apparently in the works right now.

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