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Check Out the Mimic Madness Gameplay Trailer for Prey!

by on February 23, 2017

Bethesda Softworks revealed a new trailer today for the upcoming reboot of the Prey franchise. You can check out the new “Mimic Madness” video, with new gameplay footage, in the player below.

The new video showcases ways players can utilize the power of the vicious aliens, the Mimics, against them. In the world of Prey, the Mimics have taken over the human space station, Talos I. Players assume the role of the main character, Morgan Yu, who awakes aboard the Talos I after the alien force has broken out. Morgan was part of an experiment meant to alter humanity, but everything has gone terribly wrong. Now Morgan has to stop the Typhon threat before it destroys humanity, using tools around the station, weapons, and mind-bending abilities from Neuromods.

In the game, players will learn about an alien power called Mimic Matter. This is taken from the Mimic Typhon and allows players to take the form of any appropriately sized object on the Talos. Players can start small like with a coffee mug or a teapot or a lamp, but then they can level up this ability to mimic more complex objects. This means players can take the form of security turrets and Operator robots. It looks like Morgan Yu can even take the form of a roll of toilet paper.

The reboot of Prey is due out on Friday, May 5. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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