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Midna Originally Wasn’t In Twilight Princess?

by on June 28, 2017

Midna wasn’t made for Twilight Princess? Tetra was riding Wolf Link for a time?

It may be hard to believe, but one of the most memorable characters in Legend of Zelda history, Midna, wasn’t made for Twilight Princess. As revealed on the Zelda Blog as they countdown to the arrival of the first DLC for Breath of the Wild, the team revealed the true origins of Midna.

Originally, she was a part of a secret project by Nintendo:

“There was a secret project we were considering working on before The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii, and Midna inherited the character profile for the “goblin/devilkin” character that would have been featured in that project. Looking back at the development notes from that time, there are some descriptions left on the notes clearly reminiscent of Midna, including “the appearance looks like a monster or a child,” “can’t tell if she’s enemy or ally,” “can’t really tell what she’s thinking,” “sometimes selfish, but sometimes cute and na├»ve.” That’s why initial design sketches for Midna looked a lot like this “goblin” character.”

This is fascinating on many levels. Not the least of which is that it would be hard to imagine Twilight Princess without the actual twilight princess and her signature personality. Funnily enough, while they were deciding who to put into the game, the dev team put Tetra from Windwaker in the game to ride Wolf Link during the interim.

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