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Mass Effect Andromeda Universe Won’t Be Fully Explorable!

by on December 28, 2016

The beauty of the Mass Effect games is that they have many worlds to explore. This became especially true as the series went on, and more and more exploration was encouraged. With Mass Effect Andromeda, the need for exploration is actually a vital part of the story. As you are trying to find suitable worlds to colonize and make new homes.

During a Q&A on Twitter,¬†Creative Director Mac Walters answered fans questions about the characters and worlds in Andromeda. One fan asked about how the Tempest would travel, and assumed that the ship would only be able to go so far in the game’s universe because there aren’t any Mass Relays like there were in the trilogy. To which he replied:

“That’s a very wise assumption. Yes.”

Now, this doesn’t mean the universe will be closed off, it merely means that Andromeda will focus on one area of the new galaxy, with the rest likely being opened in either DLC or future titles.

Mass Effect Andromeda will arrive in 2017.

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