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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is 30% Exploration?

by on July 9, 2017

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has secret worlds? What all is in the world we explore?

One of the biggest surprises at E3 2017 was just how deep the unbelievable mashup of Mario and the Rabbids was. In fact, the turn-based RPG experience that brings these two worlds together wowed a lot of people at E3 and beyond, and with it coming out in August, fans and writers are wondering more and more about what we can expect.

Nintendo World Report got to chat with Davide Soliani, and noted that a big deal of this game was making the world not just full of combat, but full of things to find and explore.

“Sure, I don’t want to spoil much, but I will say it’s 30 percent of the overall game. It’s needed to connect the combat phases, but I didn’t want to ever just have a hub where the player could load battles. I wanted to create an seamless experience and that’s why we said players should really immerse in the exploration, and you know every world is divided into 10 chapters, like the chapters of a book, you can read just a chapter, or you can read multiple of them. There’s are some secret chapters in each world. In each world there is a mid boss in the middle of it. There’s a boss fight at the end of it. There are secret chapters, and in between you have exploration where you can collect treasure chests in order to find collectibles, but also cool weapons that can upgrade your character.”

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