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MapleStory to Launch New Age in November

by on November 5, 2023

MapleStory is set to release its major update New Age on November 28, 2023. The developers have become busy as they get ready to redefine the MMORPG industry.

A new update set to arrive on November 28 will introduce 6th Job Skills and an innovative skill modification system called the Hexa Matrix. During the next months, Nexon will offer gamers a new way to play. It will allow players to transform their characters and create a new world

A journey towards the 6th Job begins with the Journey Toward the Sixth Star Event. Players can earn exclusive rewards such as the STAR Title Coupon and Starlight Energy Chair. MapleStory has been around for 19 years.

As soon as you complete the Convergence True Form quest, you’ll be able to claim the 6th Job Advancement. This will give you access to unparalleled abilities across Maple World and Grandis.

You can take part in the Journey from now until Tuesday, November 14th at 3:59 PM (PST). You’ll be able to earn plenty of rewards as you wait for the 6th Job to be released on November 28th.

Hexa Matrix will help players enhance their skills. Discovering new effects and unlocking a variety of nodes, including the Skill Nodes for their 6th Job skills will be a game changer.

In addition, Mastery Nodes will augment 4th Job skills, and Boost Nodes will empower 5th Job skills. The matrix is described as ‘dynamic’, with new nodes and slots being added to the system over time.

In addition, the Hexa Stat Matrix offers bonuses to players’ preferred stats, allowing them to surpass their previous limits. The Hexa Stat Matrix will continue to grow as more nodes are added in future updates.

With the November 15th update, players can participate in the Identisk Exploration event, which gives them access to the merged lands of Iden and Tisk, where they can discover divine blessings and earn special rewards.

Furthermore, players can reach Level 260 with an enhanced EXP gain during the Hyper Burn event, allowing them to accelerate their progress toward the 6th Job before it releases on the 28th.

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