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No Man’s Sky: What’s Missing?

by on December 1, 2015





As I see more and more videos that show the wide variety of plant and animal life on these vast, countless worlds, I can’t help but wonder something.  Where are all the civilized planets?

You know, the intelligent alien species that have built giant cities, have satellites, and a whole technological infrastructure?  Surely somewhere in the 18 quintillion plus planets out there to explore, there must be some? And I’m not saying there’s not, or won’t be. But so far I have yet to see anything that would indicate that anything like this has been made a part of the game.

If they omit this feature, it will definitely be one of the big, glaring flaws of this giant immersive universe. Here we are, surrounded by futuristic spaceships, advanced technology, and space travel only found in science fiction, but without the presence of intelligent life or a colonized planet(s), it may get repetitive going from one barren world to the next.

I realize that this game is a huge undertaking, and that we have yet to see all of the features that will be implemented, so this is pure speculation.  Just something to think about as I count down the days until June.

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