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Male Robin And Lissa Confirmed For Fire Emblem Warriors?

by on June 29, 2017

Is Male Robin and Lissa coming to Fire Emblem Warriors? What does this mean for the weapons triangle the game boasts?

A tweet that shows off the special edition of Fire Emblem Warriors that players can get in Japan appears to show off two new character via the box art. Though not confirmed or fully proven, it does give more credence to the claim that most of the games characters would be from Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates.

What’s curious here though is that though Robin does use a sword occasionally, he’s also a magic user. As for Lissa, she’s a healer, so what does that mean for both the game itself, and the weapons triangle? The team said that the weapons triangle that the series is known for will play a big part here, but does this also mean we’ll get characters outside of it?

Fire Emblem Warriors will arrive on Nintendo Switch and 3DS later this year.

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