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Livestream Reveals New Destiny Content Via Update!

by on April 7, 2016

Bungie held a livestream to show off the changes and updates that were to come via the April update. Here are the breakdowns of what was revealed:


You’ll no longer be able to Sprint Revive via the update, instead, you’ll need to be closer to your fallen teammates when you revive them. Additionally, when revived, overshields won’t be as strong.

Increased Legendaries

Bungie states the Crucible is going to be much more rewarding via the update. Also, end of match rewards are going to include more legendaries.

Sterling Treasure Boxes

The April update brings with it weekly sterling treasure boxes. These can be obtained by playing Crucible matches and contain one guaranteed item, but may contain up to 3.

Iron Banner Changes

Legendary engrams are getting taken out of Iron Banner events. Instead, competing in Iron Banner events guarantees a 320 artifact and ghost for rank 3 and a chance at 335 packages for rank 5.

Trials Changes

Trials of Osiris will drop 335 gear from treasure chests, and completing Trials bounties will reward players with drops up to level 330.

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