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League of Legends Nexus Blitz Getting Adjustments

by on October 14, 2018

Is Nexus Blitz mode coming back to League of Legends? Will it be improved from the last test?

Riot Games has been working hard to keep League of Legends fresh, and that includes bringing in new modes of play. One of the recent ones they brought in was Nexus Blitz. And though it was successful, many players had issues. So, Riot Games made a blog post outlining some things they were going to change about the mode for the next “test”. One of the bigger things is the map:

“The idea behind experimental game modes is to get a design we think might have potential in front of players as soon as possible, which means limiting how much polish we put into the visuals. However, we heard from many of you that the map wasn’t just a work-in-progress—it was a distraction. We don’t want your eyes to fight with the map to figure out what’s going on, so we will:

  • Clean up some of the roughest visuals. The edges of the map and the base area are some of the biggest offenders here.
  • Improve clarity in areas you where spend the most time. Improving the quality of the map in high-traffic areas, like the base, should make it easier to tell at a glance exactly where you are and what important map elements and objectives are nearby.”

Nexus Blitz will return potentially in patch 8.24.

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