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Ikariam Gets New Update

by on November 12, 2023

One of the oldest game publishers, Gameforge, revealed the new update to the browser-based MMORTS Ikariam. Entitled Gods of Olympus, the update is bent on enhancing the free-to-play game with new content later this winter.

This update introduces a new “Mythology” research field, allowing players to learn more about Ancient Greek mythology. In Ikariam, gamers will select one of six new deities to worship. Each of these gods, all reflections of Greek mythology, bestows a production bonus on its devotees. These bonuses are awarded according to their roles in mythology.

What Ikariam Game Is All About

In order to gain favor with the gods, players can complete daily tasks to earn “Favor.” When donated, this Favor will satisfy the gods and, in turn, increase production bonuses. Players can use this Favor in order to expand their empires more rapidly.

Some of these gods are related directly to a special line of prosperity and production. For example

  • Dionysus  enhances wine production,
  • Plutus enhances gold production,
  • Hephaestus and Tyche  enhance marble production,
  • Theia enhances crystal production

Another interesting feature of the new update is a complete overhaul of the old system. It revamps the daily tasks system, injecting more variety into it and integrating it seamlessly with the new gods.

Gameforge Product Manager Andrew Peggs was excited about the update and stated that it introduces new gameplay elements that respond to player feedback. They will make sure Ikariam renders an engaging experience even after 15 years of launch.

Building, conquering, and ruling are the three core elements of Ikariam. Players are challenged to manage their cities, research new technologies, trade, and, if necessary, fight other rulers.

Ikariam gives players the opportunity to step into the shoes of leaders in an ancient world, where strategic choices are directly related to success. With its upcoming Gods of Olympus update, The game will be able to offer its players a more immersive and enriching gaming experience.

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