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Greywalkers Update Shows Off Progress

by on May 23, 2016

Greywalkers: Purgatory was one of the very successful RPG Kickstarters, with over one thousand people helping bring the game to life. An update from the team behind the game has revealed how the game is advancing, and what you can expect go forward. Below is a snippet of the update:


Steam Store Page – we are currently preparing our Steam Store page and will be posting information to that soon. We’re just working out the final paperwork needed and preparing the new content we will be sharing on it. We’re slowly putting together everything we need to move forward and this is one of them.

Fund Raising – as we go into the next stage, we are now again trying to raise funds via investors. The reason we are trying to raise funds is primarily for 2 reasons: to get more resources to speed up development since we’re behind schedule, and to prepare for costs of marketing and distribution. We are currently talking to several investors but these things normally always take time. If any of you know anybody who might be interested to invest, feel free to contact me at russelltomas@dreamlordsdigital.com and we will share more information about it.

Pre-Orders – When we release the new website, we will start taking pre-orders from those who would be interested. Obviously you guys don’t have to do that anymore but you may know some friends or family who might want to order soon. In the meantime, while that isn’t up yet, people can still back us up via PayPal.

Regular Monthly Updates – I’ve decided to start doing regular monthly updates starting this month. Those updates may be shorter than the ones we normally make but at least it will be more regular now. We’ve been noticing some people are getting antsy so the regular communication should ease up some fears that we are not around.

Casual Connect Indie Prize – Graywalkers Purgatory has been shortlisted for the IndiePrize in Casual Connect this 2016. The event will be from May 17-May 19, 2016. IndiePrize is a competition joined by game companies from all over the world, most of which is from Asia. Unfortunately, we didn’t win but we’re still happy to have been a part of it. We’ll be joining the next ones in the various other Casual Connects in the US and other places. I think as we get closer to the game being done, the bigger our chances.

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