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Full Voice Acting Will be In Final Fantasy VII Remake

by on December 22, 2015

More and more information has come for the highly-anticipated game Final Fantasy VII Remake. From it’s confirmation, to the reveal that it will be episodic, to new content that will be included, Director Tetsuya Nomura has not been shy about revealing new information. Now, via an interview translated by Gematsu, he has revealed that the game will feature full voice acting, as he states:

“Basically, it will be fully voiced. We still haven’t decided the voices of the characters that weren’t in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.”

When asked about whether the map will be open world, Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated:

“We can’t say anything yet, but we don’t plan on fussing about whether it’s a so-called open-world or sandbox. But since Nomura is more focused on the creation of the scenery, we want to express an environment character actions affect the scenery.”

As for how production is going, Kitase added:

“We’re at the stage where we can say we’re finally getting started. We have ideas regarding battles, too, but it will take time to drop them into the actual game.”

Nomura finished by noting that after Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and World of Final Fantasy was released, more information would likely be coming. Final Fantasy VII Remake is being developed for PS4, but has no launch window at present.

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