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Fntatic Forges new Name for The Day Before

by on August 29, 2023

Fntastic Studio is in the process of renaming its zombie survival MMO, The Day Before. In a push to return to Steam, the company is reshaping many aspects of its legal name.

In January 2021, a new zombie survival MMORPG game, The Day Before rolled into the spotlight. It quickly stole the hearts of the gaming community, sowing hope of a new age of fun. It dominated the Wishlist on Steam as users flocked to the studio’s profile.

Suddenly, Steam shut down the Fntastic game page, deleting with it the new inspiration of players. What happened to the game? Why did Steam take it down? The story goes back about a decade in gaming history.

In 2010, the Korean app developer TheDayBefore, Inc. created and registered a calendar app known as The Day Before. According to a statement published by Euro Gamer, the studio’s CEO, Lee Sun-jae said

“Since the trademark registration in Korea in 2015, we have held the right We currently hold trademark rights in Korea, the United States, China, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, and the European Union.”

However, the trademark lawsuit has sent Fntastic back to the designing table and it seems the company has been able to put its better foot forward. In an X (formerly Twitter) post, the studio has announced the creation of a new alliance with Maytona which is now Maytona Fantastic Limited. The new partnership has filed for a trademark name, “Dayworld”.

In addition, the studio has once again reopened it old commitment to a November 10, 2023 launch. This has triggered chatter and even new hope. Nonetheless, after many delays alongside the trademark dispute, gamers are more cautious, taking it one day at a time.

The gaming industry is huge and comprises a global diaspora. Notwithstanding at the development level, researching names and trademarks, or failure to do so, can affect success. With a 3-year row of delays and mystery, ‘Dayworld’ will have the juice of a day winning the community back.

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